After being together for 7 years, we thought a beach holiday was necessary. I don’t know how we managed to go so long without having a break (minus weekend trips to Paris).

We stayed in a pretty little hotel in Chania, Kreta by the beach, and believe me when I am in heat I don’t move from the beach unless its for food or cocktails or some kind of emergency. We spent about 8 out of 10 days relaxing on the beach and what I loved the most was, a lot of parts of the beaches were manned by people who are protecting sea life. I could kick myself for not getting a picture but the people stayed in a little garden with a roof and they decorated their beach area with wooden stepping stones down the beach, plants and trees everywhere, and cute little showering rooms, I would see them clearing up other peoples trash and spending time on looking after the wildlife and stray animals.

In the mornings when it was cooler, we would take the bus into Chania centre where they had the most beautiful harbour and an old town which you can see in the gallery. Here were the best places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a vegetarian I found myself eating pasta and pizza every night because a most dishes contained meat, but I am not complaining, it was heavenly.

I almost ended up bringing home a stray kitty as well, we named her Shakira because she was sassy.

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