This is Arthur the house bunny. He likes to race through tunnels at high speed repeatedly and sometimes make so much noise doing it he spooks himself. He also likes falling asleep to classical music and chewing anything that crosses his path. If you dance next to him he jumps with you and if you say the word “Kale” around him you should probably give him some or he will make you feel like the most evil person on the planet. Sometimes he will race around the room in circles until he gets tired and then dives onto his back and stays there for the rest of the day. He also likes to chase you up and down the stairs.

Last month, we decided to add another housemate into the mix. Currently in The Style Bunny headquarters we have myself, my boyfriend Daniel and our good friend Carl, and of course now Style Bunny Arthur. Having a baby house bunny is amazing but it is like having a baby human, he demands constant love and attention and really needs lots of space. Arthur only stays in a cage in the night and has the whole apartment to roam around when someone is in, if not he still has the living room and kitchen to himself.


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