We are so lucky this range exists

Last month I had the pleasure of trying these Meg21 products out. I have to say, they really do work wonders. After applying all three twice daily for one month, I experienced a noticeable difference in my skin.

So, lets start with the Smooth Radiance Advance Formula.

This is perfect if you are wanting to get ahead of ageing. The smooth radiance formula is made with ‘Supplamine’ which reduces noticeable ageing signs and combats dryness. Before using this I was looking for a moisturiser that would really hydrate my dry skin without making my skin oily, and this did just that.

On top of this, my diet is very rich in carbohydrates and sugars which contributes to ageing of the skin, this is something that I am quite wary of and on top of trying to cut down on these kinds of foods, I am going to continue using this formula to try and prepare my skin as well as possible ahead of the obvious ageing process signs.

After 4 weeks of using my skin was more toned, brighter and smoother and I will be using this for the foreseeable future.

Next, I tried the Bright and Firm Eye Treatment.

Whenever I am run down or having a busy week, it really shows under my eyes. I would say that this is my number one problem area, so I cannot tell you how happy I was when this product arrived at my door. My expectations were high reading all of the reviews on Amazon and I couldn’t wait to give it a try, hoping it would save my often puffy eyes.

It worked.

My cosmetic drawers are full of eye creams half used that I didn’t really see the point in carrying on with, and now I cannot wait to throw them all out and replace them with this. I used it twice before I saw a slight difference, the dark circles were actually beginning to clear up and felt smoother.

Finally, I have been using their hand treatment and my hands have never felt softer. The reviews from older customers on Amazon have mentioned it reduces the signs of ageing on the top of your hands so I intend to use this in advance!

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